The solidity of beauty, the concreteness of creativity.

By drawing our strength from Brianza's crafts tradition and by cultivating the knowledge passed on to us by our own family, Greta, Alessio and Luca embody a new generation of craftspeople who with Antidiva have been able to distinguish ourselves and excel in high level design both nationally and internationally.

In Antidiva's creations you can experience the coming together of tactile pleasure, comfort and design refinement. The beauty of our sofas and armchairs is for us the precious and demanding balance of all these components.


Since its foundation, Antidiva has collaborated with various talented designers. For us the best product is the one which can express a creative idea without the latter becoming predominant on the product functionality, where the quality of the components is enhanced by their shapes.


The first entrepreneurial creation of the Canavese Family was born in Seregno in 1976. The brand Antidiva was born in 1998 and the following year a functional production plant was bought together with a showroom. In the following years the brand became more and more important in the sector of the great hotel supply and in integrated projects.


Every component is constantly checked by our R&D team because technology is constantly evolving and only a steady commitment to Research can allow us to use the best technology available.

Our network of highly selected collaborators produces semi finished products certified by prestigious European Institutions.Further certifications on our product lines have been issued also by the Home Office, Catas and Giordano Institute.


Antidiva believes in the social responsibility and in the irreplaceable value of people within a company. In 2012 a photovoltaic installation was put into place covering the totality of our productive departments, thus concretely demonstrating our environmental effort.